Leopard Cum ( HD, Long Mint, 330 MB, 720p)

Leopard Cum ( HD, Long Mint, 330 MB, 720p)

Leopard Cum / (Long Mint.com)
Date: 2009
Studio: Long Mint
Genre: Ladyboy Superstar

Keep quiet, as we stealthily creep into the living room, hot on the trail of the lesser spotted Longmint. A rare, exotic and beautiful creature, resident to the warm climates of South East Asia. Here, curled up on the sofa, watch how it spreads it’s smooth long stocking clad legs and ‘fuck me’ pumps, and then begins to shed the skin tight leopard print leotard, to reveal what is a kinky fishnet body stocking. We can now see what is an impressively long mating tool, a trade mark of this wild and nympho like mammal. Watch how it tugs upon the huge organ and judging by the immense gush of thick creamy sperm we can clearly tell that mating season is apon us..

Leopard Cum ( HD, Long Mint, 330 MB, 720p)

FileSize: 330 MB
Duration: 00:11:14
Resolution: 1280×720

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